IT cost Control

In many organizations are the IT costs a significant and most the times growing part of the company costs. Many times this is caused by insufficient insight in the total IT costs in the company. Specially in the larger companies (but also in smaller companies) different teams or units can manage their own IT budget and have their own IT teams supporting their IT portfolio/landscape; each with their own focus of interest and each negotiating on their own with suppliers. The result is in many occasions that different teams/units are negotiating with the same vendor and most of the time about the same (or at least similar functionalities) resulting in a patch work of IT systems and components that is very difficult to manage or control.

With IT Portfolio Management companies can start getting grip on their IT costs by looking at IT with an integral company view and an aligned and efficient IT portfolio, consisting of only those IT systems that are actually needed and are running across the entire company. Costs are therefore a lot easier to manage which results in a clear picture what each portfolio actually costs.

This clarity in the IT costs is then actually the enabling of new capabilities:

·         You can determine the actual value of IT towards your business/unit (f.e. you can actually calculate how expensive the creation of a single sales order or invoice is)

·         You can offers of new IT products with your current IT systems

·         You can look for efficiency and remove redundant systems.


·         You can better assess opportunities that new technologies can bring (f.e. cloud based solutions or storage solutions).