IT - Investment Portfolio Management (IT-IPM)

IT Investment Portfolio Management (ITIPM) is the area in which the IT budget & investments are managed. Based on requirements from the business unit/team is decides what to do with the IT portfolio. There can be different drivers that can impact the outcome of this area:

·         Investment in new capabilities

·         Maintaining running landscape

·         Divest capabilities that are no longer required

·         Replace capabilities with new/better/cheaper alternatives


Based on the above drivers the other ITPfM cubes are impacted. New capabilities and replacing capabilities typically are done within projects/programs. In these situations the ITPPM cube has the focus. Maintaining and divesting the IT portfolio is most of the times done within the ITSPM cube and ITTPM cube.   

In the ebook IT Portfolio Management (ITPFM) is described in more detail what the key components of this cube are and advise is provided on how they best can be implemented. This eBook will be released soon (end of 2015). Please use the contact form on the bottom left of this page if you would like to inform us with your interest.