IT - Project Portfolio Management (IT-IPM)

IT Project Portfolio Management (ITPPM) is the area in which agreed new capability or replacing capability projects are executed. Depending on the size (in US$) or change impact these projects can be grouped into programs. A healthy project portfolio ensures that an IT portfolio remains “fit for purpose” considering the dynamics and developments within IT like:

·         Dynamics in data & network security

·         Developments in process integration

·         Developments in service provisioning (SAAS, PAAS etc)

·         Developments in Cloud based solutions


The above developments can have an impact on the IT portfolio, which is therefore always in motion. It is therefore important to stay connected with these developments and have competencies in house that can manage the adjustments of the IT portfolio in projects and program. 

In the ebook IT Portfolio Management (ITPFM) is described in more detail what the key components of this cube are and advise is provided on how they best can be implemented. This eBook will be released soon (end of 2015). Please use the contact form on the bottom left of this page if you would like to inform us with your interest.