IT - Application Portfolio Management (IT-IPM)

IT System Portfolio Management (ITSPM) is the area in which the health and life cycle of the IT portfolio is managed and guarded. Based on the development cycles of supplying hard and software companies, in this area the lifecycle of the current portfolio is managed and molded into a roadmap. There are different aggregation levels of lifecycle/roadmap:

·         Portfolio life cycle/roadmap

·         System/Application life cycle/roadmap

·         Component life cycle/roadmap


These IT based roadmaps must be aligned with the business/process based roadmap into an integrated roadmap. This IT area is sometimes also called IT Application Portfolio Management in case the identified systems are labelled as applications. 

In the ebook IT Portfolio Management (ITPFM) is described in more detail what the key components of this cube are and advise is provided on how they best can be implemented. This eBook will be released soon (end of 2015). Please use the contact form on the bottom left of this page if you would like to inform us with your interest.