IT - Technology Portfolio Management (IT-IPM)

IT Technology Portfolio Management is the area in which the supporting IT technologies are managed. In many occasions companies select a number of core technology suppliers (like Oracle, Microsoft, SAP) which determines to large extend how the IT portfolio looks like and how maintenance and upgrades are done. As this area is the core area of the supporting IT system it is very important to ensure the selected IT architecture is the best choice to support the business/processes. Depending on the size of a company supplier products are compared and selected. The hosting of the selected architecture/infrastructure can either be done in house or by a third party supplier.  

In the ebook IT Portfolio Management (ITPFM) is described in more detail what the key components of this cube are and advise is provided on how they best can be implemented. This eBook will be released soon (end of 2015). Please use the contact form on the bottom left of this page if you would like to inform us with your interest.