Implementing ITPfM 

The implementation of the Integral ITPfM methodology requires a new way of managing IT within your organization and will require quite a large change in most cases. In summary contains an implementation of the Integral IT Portfolio Management methodology the following key steps; but first and and foremost is executive leadership endorsement needed in order to successfully roll out ITPfM. Because of it's integral character and alignment of IT with the key business processes, each layer within the organisation must be involved in making the roll out a success.

After gaining leadership endorsement is the next step to bring clarity in your organization by dividing all activities in logically identifiable key business processes. Both first steps must be done throughout the whole organization. In many cases a core team manages this part, working together with focal points in each department/team.  

With the above in place the IT related work can initiate. Within the IT organisation all existing hard & software must be captured and categorized. It is important that this is done 100% otherwise only sub optimizations can be achieved. 

Once all IT hard and software in captured & registered the key applications/systems can be grouped into logical units/portfolio's each supporting the identified key business processes. This results in the core framework of ITPfM; the organization is divided into logical units, each supported by it's own dedicated IT hard and software. 

With the above in place the cost insight activities can start. With all relevant data available it becomes clear which portfolio consumes the most resources and which applications/systems are the most expensive. Based on business priorities focused efforts can be put in optimizing the IT landscape.